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Greater Mattoon Area Historical Society Fund Raiser Press Release – February 27, 2019

Below is a press release being provided to local news papers and shopper’s guides throughout the area surrounding Mattoon, Wisconsin.  This is the first major fund raising program introduced to support the renovation of the Mattoon
Area Hospital as an historical museum aimed at preserving the history and heritage of Mattoon, and many other small communities in central Wisconsin. 

Please consider making a donation of sporting goods and/or artifacts that you no longer have the need for to help us in this effort.  THANKS MUCH!!!!!.



The old community hospital in the village of Mattoon, Wisconsin has not been used as a hospital since the 1960’s but its history predates World War One. The newly formed Greater Mattoon Area Historical Society, with a group of hard-working volunteers, will restore the old Hospital to be used as their museum.

The Mattoon area was settled in the early 1800’s when loggers came and cleared the land for badly needed lumber. Following the loggers came the mills, following the mills came the farms and then the village to provide the services needed by the growing population. Those were hard and dangerous times. The work was done mostly by hand and large families of 16 – 20 children were not uncommon. As they used to say, “many hands make light work”. Injuries needed to be tended to, babies needed to be born, and the elderly needed to be cared for. The Mattoon community hospital was built to fill those needs.

The hospital building is already owned by the Historical Society but over $100,000 will need to be raised to complete the project. A unique fund raiser is being initiated. It is a very simple program which asks people to donate unused or unwanted sporting goods to the Historical Society. The Society will retain historical items to be used as artifacts in the museum. The remaining equipment will be sold at auction or to collectors to raise money for the museum restoration.

We are interested in receiving fishing, hunting, camping, and other equipment used to enjoy the great outdoor family activities that abound in northern Wisconsin. We need all sporting equipment but especially guns and archery equipment as they are generally of more historic interest and are of greater value when sold or auctioned

There are guns and other sporting equipment in homes that are no longer used or wanted for many reasons. Sometimes people stop using this equipment due to age, health issues, physical limitations or simply loss of interest. Some fear that an unwanted gun will be found by a curious child with unspeakable consequences. No background check is required to donate a gun and guns that are no longer usable will become museum artifacts, parted out, or sold to collectors and gunsmiths.  They will not be destroyed.

This form of fund raiser has been used in other areas with great success. Please consider donating your unwanted sporting goods to the Greater Mattoon Area Historical Society. For more information, please see our web site www.mattoonhistory.com or call either 715-623-4513 or 715-489-3647. Items can be dropped off at the White Insurance Agency, 1004 Fourth Street, Mattoon, WI.  If you prefer to drop items off in Antigo or if you would like someone to pick items up from your home, please call or text 715-419-1595. Cash donations are welcome as well. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and donations are tax deductible for those itemizing their tax returns.



  • Examples of fishing equipment would include rods, reels, lures, boat seats and cushions, trolling motors if in working condition, ice fishing equipment, etc.;
  • Examples of camping equipment would include tents (normal or screened), camp stoves, sleeping bags, lanterns, flash lights, camping dishes and silver ware, etc.;
  • Examples of archery equipment include traditional bows, compound bows, cross bows, bow cases, arrows, quivers, tree stands, camouflage clothing, etc.;
  • Guns include pistols, rifles, shot guns, and military weapons (some of which may be displayed as artifacts in the museum).
  • All donations will be cataloged and a receipt will be provided to donors.  This is important so that proper acknowledgement and recognition be given for museum displays and so that the donor has documentation for tax deduction purposes.

Please be sure that any item donated is “usable”, able to be sold for “parts”, or of value to antique dealers and collectors.





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