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Mattoon Schools

In 1896, the population of Mattoon had grown to about 1,800 and a decision was made to build a new school.  By 1898, the south portion consisting of four rooms (two upstairs and two downstairs) was constructed with the two downstairs room being used as classrooms.   By 1901, all four rooms were occupied by eager students and a decision was made to expand the school by building the north portion. The first high school graduation occurred in 1910.

In the mid 1950’s, a new building was constructed and used to house high school students but the old building still functioned as a grade school.  In May of 1962, the final Mattoon High School graduating class consisting of 22 students exited the building – the end of an era.  Mattoon became part of the Antigo unified school system, the old wood framed school building was razed, and the new building became the grade school.

“The School in Mattoon is located squarely on the 45th parallel which means it is exactly midway between the North Pole and the Equator”.

“Donald Janke was the only married man to be graduated from Mattoon High School”.

“On school days before Elaine and Marilyn Hendrickson were graduated, the entire Hendrickson family went to school every day.  The girls attended classes, Mrs Hendrickson taught and Chet drove the school bus”.